A new business dedicated to applying advanced analytical techniques that unlocks the business growth from retail transaction data.

Data Agency: Mechanisms for Growth

Engineered Retail™

Through Engineered Retail™ we harness the power in the patterns and relationships of store level sales data.  This new bottom-up planning creates a more efficient retail team that deliver improved returns by giving the stores exactly the retail coverage needed.  Instead of providing the one size fits all approach of traditional continuity retail coverage, engineered retail™ analytically provides the answer to “Where should we go?”, “how frequently should we go there” and “what should we do?”  This innovative and continuously improvement model is available exclusively through Acosta Sales & Marketing.

Analytical Sales Ideas

There is incremental business growth waiting to be discovered in your data streams.  Rather than build top-down go-to-market strategies that rarely scale downward to the shelf, store or shopper, Analytical sales ideas is an approach to find the growth in your data – bottom up. Across the country there are hundreds of patterns and relationship in the store level data that can be honed into a set of trends and insights which in turn lead to an idea. Analytical Sales Ideas are quantitative derived set of methods to grow your specific business who inspiration comes directly from the data.

Smart Season

Any business with seasonal trends require precision in order to grow - precision to manage the two opposing needs of sales and sell-through. Smart Season is a unique approach to forecasting consumption, specifically tailored for the unique dynamics of your category. We know the quantitative forecasts aren’t the end which is why many Smart Season deployments include us leading collaborative weekly sessions between the retailer and manufacture.

Growth Replenishment


Effective supply chain management means to manage the supply chain based on value of the opportunity versus simply in-stock levels.  We know you want a seamless supply-chain so that every available sale occurs, our proven tools and techniques of supply chain management provide the not just the problem but the solution for where the largest opportunities exists.

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