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Exciting Unexpected Press!

"Transforming people and business around the world through remarkable growth."

What a blessing for The Harvest Group to have the opportunity to bring our amazing capabilities and culture to other markets!


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An Ugly Christmas Sweater Celebration

 A beautiful tradition began yesterday with the Harvest Family. We celebrated Christmas together with milk/cookies, The Night Before Christmas, the Biblical Christmas story, and....an ugly sweater competition with a handmade trophy for the winner!!

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Big Cedar Lodge: Year Beginning Meeting 2016

Another wonderful year at Big Cedar. Such a sweet time to reminisce on 2016, plan for 2017, and enjoy being together.

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Field Day 2016

Another successful Field Day in the books! It was a day of Mr. Cheese-Head, Waterballoon Volleyball, Lawn Bowling, and Pedometer Headband. It doesn't get much better than that! Especially when you get Rick's Bakery for breakfast and Sassy's for lunch!!

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Shelly Fletcher Award 2

Congratulations, Shelly!!

Shelly Fletcher, one of our National Account Managers, received a prestigious award at the annual Shot Show in Las Vegas, NV this past week. In total, five people were recognized and given awards, and our very own Shelly was awarded Sales Representative of the Year by KAI/Kershaw! 

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Clarification Regarding Wall Street Journal Article

It has come to our attention there are two other companies operating in Northwest Arkansas utilizing the name “Harvest” which is creating confusion in the public.  These two companies conduct business under the names “Harvest Revenue Group, LLC” and “Harvest Data Corp.” 

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Field Day 2015

Field Day 2015: A Rip-Roaring Good Time

This morning was a special morning for those of us at The Harvest Group. We left the world of business for a few hours to enjoy a good ol' fashioned field day at Wilson Park.

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A Peek at Our New Home

Yesterday, Tuesday September 1st, the Harvest Group family took a field trip down the road to what will be our new home come November. 

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A New Journey

Lindsay Mast has shared with us that she is being called to focus full-time at home and thus will be leaving Harvest effective August 28. I am hard pressed to think of another person that has had a broader or deeper impact on our company. Lindsay has been the NAM on our largest client, she has pioneered a new business unit for us in Harvest Retail, pioneered our 5 year anniversary Compassion trips, and she has grown arguably our two biggest assets in her current role, our people & our culture. 

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Heart Walk

American Heart Association Heart Walk 2015

The American Heart Association is a national non-profit whose aim is to decrease heart disease. Heart disease is the number one killer in America! Our very own Luke Briggs is on the board and is involved with the organization. We joined the cause by participating in the Heart Walk, which was held at Arvest Ballpark in Rogers this past Saturday, April 11th.

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Another wonderful year at Big Cedar. Such a sweet time to reminisce on 2016, plan for 2017, and enjoy being togethe… https://t.co/lJN4iSERuP


Another successful Field Day! It was a day of Cheese-Head, Waterballoon Volleyball, Lawn Bowling, and Pedometer Hea… https://t.co/HUfZt8ipzv


It's National Wear Red Day!!! Representing the AHA by wearing our brightest red! #NWAGoRed #NWAHeartWalk https://t.co/90mGZZvARM